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Childrens party magician Streatham Hill

Beautiful sunny Sunday morning in Streatham Hill. Little James was 5 years old and a whole class of children descended on an unsuspecting artists home for magic and fun and games and...well, the whole party thing!

A lovely crowd with grandparents in attendance too. James played it cool and it was only at the end of the show that he told me it was fantastic. Also parents stayed on too to watch and they looked pretty keen too. I have a new magic picture trick now straight from America's Got Talent! It's amazing and the magician totally baffles the audience. Two children get up and fill in a picture with childrens choice of colours but I have already predicted the whole thing! Top magic!

Thanks to all who came and it was so much fun! Well that's what they said!

Netmums should have some good reviews soon as mum teaches painting in the Streatham and Wandsworth area.

In Streatham South London, SW16 at 2013/11/10

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