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Childrens entertainer in Islington

As lovely blue sky and golden sun shone on London, I was invited to do magic and games at Sophie and Candy's joint birthday in Islington in Joan of Arc hall which is beautiful. I have been there a few times over the years. Everyone was in fancy dress and it was a mixture of scary halloween and princesses!

I met the family a few years back and Sophie was desperate to have me be entertainer again! Honestly- her mother told me! Quite a big crowd too. S & C were big stars and not shy which was great and they enjoyed the magic colouring board where I predict what colours they will choose.

The mouse house trick became ghost house in tune with halloween. They all screamed when 'ghost mouse' appeared! After the snacks some beautiful birthday cakes.

We played some wild energetic games and prizes were won by all. I make sure no one gets left out. Two gold medals were awarded to the craziest dancers- yes bonkers! Also Sophie and Candy were awarded pro-magic A star students too!

Thanks for all the compliments afterwards. Thanks to both sets of parents too!

Magical childrens entertainer Tricky Toby in Islington! It's become so trendy these days!

In Islington London, N5 at 2013/11/03

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