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Welcome to Tricky Toby's blog. Here you will find the amazing life of a children's entertainer working all around London.

  1. Children's Entertainer Makes London Smelliest Capital!

    Hooray! Spring is arriving. It feels like the year is finally beginning! It's not too late to book me!

    There is nothing more fun than a magic show in a sunny London garden. Over the years I have performed in an amazing variety of locations. Being a magician/ entertainer in London means driving all over this wonderful city of ours. If you have just found me and my website, I do travel to all points on the compass within a 15 mile radius of London.

    I want to start by saying THANK YOU! to all parents and children who have invited me over this last year to their special day. Some have booked me again and again! My diary is filling up and this year looks to be a really exciting one. May is already busy with birthdays and holy communion celebrations.

    A BIG thanks too to all customers who have taken a little time to put a kind review of my show. The East Dulwich forum has been especially kind. Do remember to check that out. Joanna Jubb, a professional photographer has worked hard to make my new video. So many people have complemented me and it fits very nicely with the theme of the website. It looks simple but one of the hardest things is to make something short and beautiful at the same time. So thanks again Joanna.

    Last weekend I had a show in Highgate for Gabriels 4th birthday. What a lovely family and what super friends he had there. My little mouse house was a huge hit- and Micky the real white rabbit also joined us from his magic hutch too! We all enjoyed games, balloons and a cake too! Thanks Mum! Then I had to zoom back to south London to Forest Hill Pools for Megan's party. There was a huge crowd with all parents deciding to sit and watch. A good magic show seems to have hypnotic powers over young and old! Megan was quiet but clearly enjoyed all the attention. Her friend Max also helped to make a really memorable time with his funny laughter. BONKERS!!! Megan kindly helped to make some magic sweets for all her guests-deliciously made from smelly socks. Yes, that's what I said. Tricky Toby is all over London. Be with you soon!

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  2. Children's Magician in East Dulwich

    Well, thanks to some kind reviews of my recent magic shows in the Dulwich area and local forums, I have had a very busy beginning to the year.

    January can a little inpredictable looking at my old diaries. One Saturday I had three shows in a row in the Dulwich and Clapham area. Early shows around 11am are a good idea. Parents arrange the party for a lunchtime snack after my magic show. This leaves the whole afternoon free. Very sensible.

    Little Connie had a fourth birthday close to Dulwich Park. She had her own little rabbit toy (called Bunny) she wouldn't let go of. Which was so funny for everyone there and she included him in all the magic we did. My little mouse house where a mouse hides and appears had her captivated. Her friends were also convinced they had seen a white mouse in one of the windows. No way! He was hiding down the chimney.

    Then I rushed over to Kaz restaurant in Lordship Lane for a three year old party and had to entertain the adults too! Charlie was an excellent assistant and used the magic pen and painting set and made all my colours disappear. I could hardly keep up with him! When Mr. Rabbit came out to huge applause, he made sure that everybody there had a little stroke. What a brilliant little host. Balloons were made to order by me and two 'supermen' tried to convince us all they were the real thing! Hilarious! Thanks to Candy and Mike for the lovely 70's theme too.

    Then a short trip from there to another party for Adriana who was celebrating her 5th birthday. I came in only to be recognised by a friend's daughter who was a guest. Of course I pleaded complete ignorance and a hilarious magic show ensued. Adriana was suprised by all the attention but loved to be rewarded for her efforts with loud applause. I have a brilliant trick where the child uses her thoughts to 'communicate' with the audience with the help of a kitchen whisk. Don't ask how that works!!

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  3. Children's entertainer in Children's Hospital Great Ormond Street London

    For their annual Christmas Party, young patients with dietary restrictions were invited to come along and have a great time. The staff really put a lot of effort into making a lovely event. This year Tricky Toby was magical entertainer and games organiser!

    ogether with their parents, the children all arrived on time. We had a lovely time together with Simon the magic snake, the mystery of the Painter's Prediction and a whole load of interactive fun. Mr. Rabbit of course magically appeared and was a big hit with the children. I was also entertaining the parents who perhaps have had a year of worrying over their little ones.

    Special food was all laid on and we played some top games and gold (coloured!) medals were awarded to the winners. Everybody won at least one prize and the children were very kind to each other I noticed.

    I prepared them all to meet Father Christmas who gave each child a super gift. The organisers were very happy with my show and I also felt it went very well. I wanted to stay longer but was due to perform at a charity event for the Typhoon appeal in South London (plus I cut my hand on a door in the car park!) so had to zoom off. Thanks to Nicky and all the helpers who were on hand. God bless all the families this time of year and have a healthy New Year. Take care, Tricky Toby.

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  4. Children's entertainer makes Ladbroke Grove Aunty Go MAD!

    I was invited to bring my Magic & Games children's entertainer show to little Danny's fifth birthday party in a lovely community hall in Ladbroke Grove. Mum said perhaps only fifteen guests would turn up. But word had spread that Tricky Toby, top magician would be there and so now the whole class was coming. No pressure then!

    Coming straight from school, I knew what to expect. Look out! Sure enough they were wild after sitting all day in class. So I kicked off the party with some really energetic games to get them moving and allow them to release all that pent-up energy. I have a fantastic portable Bose system for my music and games which packs a big punch and everybody including Aunty Pat was up dancing and trying to win a prize or two!

    By now the children were thirsty and hungry so we took a break for some pizza and pop and also sang Happy Birthday to Danny (such a sensible boy compared to some of his nutty friends!) when he cut his cake. Now time for some magic. The children could all relax and enjoy the show. Little friends volunteered to do magic painting and Danny helped to magic a real white rabbit at the end and earn top marks on his Magicians Certificate.

    We took some lovely pictures and then I made balloons for all the children as they left with their parents. Peace finally arrived and Mum was amazed how well the children behaved. I think it might have been down to me with my teacher training skills but I try not to boast! Suffice to say Danny was so happy too and wanted to keep rabbit. Mum was not too keen. Now Aunty Pat wants to become my assistant! I said maybe when you grow up a bit!!

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  5. Children's entertainer "Better than Santa" in Ealing School Christmas Event!

    Mount Carmel Primary school held their Christmas fair and invited me to do three shows! Well, there were a lot of people there and so many stalls. Really exciting Christmassy feel too. Tricky Toby's face was everywhere on posters and the children were very keen. Also they were very well behaved and laughed in all the right places!

    Doing three shows meant I had to be very organised and do lots of different magic. One classic new trick I have is making a games console where you need to put in lots of 'micro chicks'!? Hilarious with a magic twist and kids pretending to be chickens. You know it all makes sense if you were there!!

    Mr. Magic Rabbit was there too and was a huge hit with parents and children. They could also have a quick photo with him. No, he is NOT A ROBOT! I show the little ones how to be very careful with live animals and so lovely to see how they cannot believe he is real!

    In the main hall for a quick cup of coffee and still had a little time to do a little close up magic with my traffic lights trick. Amazed eyes again. How did you do that? The secret's magic!

    Mount Carmel school is such a lovely school so top marks! Big thanks to all the parents and helpers.

    This time of year, as parents we can all get a bit stressed out. The magic was really an antidote for one and all. The magic of Christmas is still here. Tricky Toby is always there if you need to add some magic to any event.

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