Part 2. Magician in London. Busy Saturday continues...

I carefully put all my magic equipment in the car and head off towards the Holloway Road in Islington for my next magic show. 

Dad Terry called me only mid-week to ask me if I could bring my magic show to a three year celebration party for his son Henry. I have to begin at 4pm. I know the area a little and quite difficult parking around there. So I get there early and find a spot. Phew! Terry and his partner run The Travel Cafe opposite the University. Packed out with parents, many Korean speaking and lots of little children, the cafe was closed to the public and Terry was relieved to see me! Henry was very smart and really understood my magic. A little white rabbit appeared and he was hugged kindly by young and old. Thanks to the offer of some super korean chicken and noodles I had an express lunch/dinner and headed off into the night for my final show in Beckton, East London. Thanks for making me feel so welcome Terry. You are one lucky man with a lovely family around you! Whether you are a parent or a magician, smiling under stress is a valuable skill! Part three is just a scroll away.

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