Magician in Eltham- reaction was priceless!

A slightly chilly day but Mum said we can do the show out the back of the house! Little Niho had invited his friends from school and they did have a lovely garden. We waited a little then straight into his magic show.

I like to get the birthday child up straight away if not too shy and things go wrong (on purpose) for the silliest reasons. Applying the magical words can help but not always!

Niho's relatives had travelled a long way so I tried to get them to help too. Brave older brother tried to not laugh. NO CHANCE! they were all really impressed and transfixed and hardly noticed it was not very warm but slowly getting warmer inside!!

I have a cute new little bunny rabbit and he is even smaller than my last helper who is now enjoying his retirement in my garden. Niho was so happy to take photos with rabbit and his friends. Mum had set up a Pinata and I am expert at making sure nobody gets whacked on the head!

As a Kids Entertainer in London I try to give lots of energy and make sure all are involved. The parents were watching and were really enjoying the show. Dad was cooking some super barbecue and I was happy to take some with me after the party. Childrens magic in London. Try me and read my reviews on Google+, netmums and free index. Tricky Toby- that's my name!!

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