Childrens Magician Wows Carshalton Audience

Little Millie and her friendly family welcomed me to her special party. Lovely pink balloons all over the place as pink is one of my favourite colours! Any Childrens Magician in London knows that each party is unique with a special mix of personalities and so I always keep my show light hearted and play along if the children add some funny stuff. That way, if someone calls out I never ask them to be quiet. Kids say the funniest things sometimes!

Millie's aunty Barbara was sitting in the back laughing all the way through the magic which was really funny I must admit. She even tried to join in the games and I promised her a special prize at the end. Not sure what to give an eighty-year-old who seems so fit and healthy!

So all of Millie's friends also enjoyed the event. Mum texted me later:

"Sorry I havent texted you earlier but I would like to say a massive thank you for making my daughters party magical and the kids were still talking about you hours later a massive thank you from one happy mum and daddy." - A happy Mum

As a Kids Magician in London I aim to please. Give me a call and I will do my very best to add some magic to your party!

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