Magician in Chislehurst is NO FOSSIL!

Although weekends can be super busy for me, sometimes Friday is too. A beautiful afternoon in Chislehurst brought me to St. Nicholas Church hall where one happy family were celebrating their son's fifth birthday. Jake was having a great run around with his pals and Dad had wisely brought an excellent sound system for their music. By the way, I have a fantastic Bose system which I use for all things noise-wise when people are stuck!

We celebrated with some great magic and Jake got really involved and achieved real magical assistant status. He was rewarded with a special certificate allowing him to do extreme magic (under adult supervision!) with the little wand I gave him. I taught everyone a cool trick which works on both parents and any aunt available!

I could see that Grandparents were also loving it too. Thank goodness for cameras and iphones. We had a group photo and Jake could hold the little white rabbit we magiked (my own word!) together. Awesome and that birthday cake was amazing too!

A super party and what a lovely family atmosphere. Thanks for inviting me!

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