Children's Magician in East Dulwich

Well, thanks to some kind reviews of my recent magic shows in the Dulwich area and local forums, I have had a very busy beginning to the year.

January can a little inpredictable looking at my old diaries. One Saturday I had three shows in a row in the Dulwich and Clapham area. Early shows around 11am are a good idea. Parents arrange the party for a lunchtime snack after my magic show. This leaves the whole afternoon free. Very sensible.

Little Connie had a fourth birthday close to Dulwich Park. She had her own little rabbit toy (called Bunny) she wouldn't let go of. Which was so funny for everyone there and she included him in all the magic we did. My little mouse house where a mouse hides and appears had her captivated. Her friends were also convinced they had seen a white mouse in one of the windows. No way! He was hiding down the chimney.

Then I rushed over to Kaz restaurant in Lordship Lane for a three year old party and had to entertain the adults too! Charlie was an excellent assistant and used the magic pen and painting set and made all my colours disappear. I could hardly keep up with him! When Mr. Rabbit came out to huge applause, he made sure that everybody there had a little stroke. What a brilliant little host. Balloons were made to order by me and two 'supermen' tried to convince us all they were the real thing! Hilarious! Thanks to Candy and Mike for the lovely 70's theme too.

Then a short trip from there to another party for Adriana who was celebrating her 5th birthday. I came in only to be recognised by a friend's daughter who was a guest. Of course I pleaded complete ignorance and a hilarious magic show ensued. Adriana was suprised by all the attention but loved to be rewarded for her efforts with loud applause. I have a brilliant trick where the child uses her thoughts to 'communicate' with the audience with the help of a kitchen whisk. Don't ask how that works!!

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