Children's entertainer makes Ladbroke Grove Aunty Go MAD!

I was invited to bring my Magic & Games children's entertainer show to little Danny's fifth birthday party in a lovely community hall in Ladbroke Grove. Mum said perhaps only fifteen guests would turn up. But word had spread that Tricky Toby, top magician would be there and so now the whole class was coming. No pressure then!

Coming straight from school, I knew what to expect. Look out! Sure enough they were wild after sitting all day in class. So I kicked off the party with some really energetic games to get them moving and allow them to release all that pent-up energy. I have a fantastic portable Bose system for my music and games which packs a big punch and everybody including Aunty Pat was up dancing and trying to win a prize or two!

By now the children were thirsty and hungry so we took a break for some pizza and pop and also sang Happy Birthday to Danny (such a sensible boy compared to some of his nutty friends!) when he cut his cake. Now time for some magic. The children could all relax and enjoy the show. Little friends volunteered to do magic painting and Danny helped to magic a real white rabbit at the end and earn top marks on his Magicians Certificate.

We took some lovely pictures and then I made balloons for all the children as they left with their parents. Peace finally arrived and Mum was amazed how well the children behaved. I think it might have been down to me with my teacher training skills but I try not to boast! Suffice to say Danny was so happy too and wanted to keep rabbit. Mum was not too keen. Now Aunty Pat wants to become my assistant! I said maybe when you grow up a bit!!

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