Children's entertainer "Better than Santa" in Ealing School Christmas Event!

Mount Carmel Primary school held their Christmas fair and invited me to do three shows! Well, there were a lot of people there and so many stalls. Really exciting Christmassy feel too. Tricky Toby's face was everywhere on posters and the children were very keen. Also they were very well behaved and laughed in all the right places!

Doing three shows meant I had to be very organised and do lots of different magic. One classic new trick I have is making a games console where you need to put in lots of 'micro chicks'!? Hilarious with a magic twist and kids pretending to be chickens. You know it all makes sense if you were there!!

Mr. Magic Rabbit was there too and was a huge hit with parents and children. They could also have a quick photo with him. No, he is NOT A ROBOT! I show the little ones how to be very careful with live animals and so lovely to see how they cannot believe he is real!

In the main hall for a quick cup of coffee and still had a little time to do a little close up magic with my traffic lights trick. Amazed eyes again. How did you do that? The secret's magic!

Mount Carmel school is such a lovely school so top marks! Big thanks to all the parents and helpers.

This time of year, as parents we can all get a bit stressed out. The magic was really an antidote for one and all. The magic of Christmas is still here. Tricky Toby is always there if you need to add some magic to any event.

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