Childrens Entertainer London Stockwell

I was invited to be the entertainer and magician at Bev and Bo's (twin girls) birthday party in Stockwell, London. It was after school and sometimes children can be extra wild after sitting down all day!

When I arrived they were all sitting in orderly rows waiting for me to start (I wasn't late by the way!). No pressure then. It was all rather quiet but as soon as I asked if there was anybody there it was a signal for the room to explode!

Bev and Bo had met me before just two weeks ago in a birthday party in Sheen and were desperate to see me at theirs. They were so happy to be the stars and together with their friends we had a magical time. Sorry for the mums who had to be a little quieter while the show was live but they were enjoying it too!

A cute white rabbit had been requested as part of the show and was a big hit when he magically appeared! The twins were awarded A on their magic certificates and were given rapturous applause for all the magic. Thanks Mum and Dad for being such lovely hosts.

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