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Children's Entertainer Forest Hill

Lucy had a magic show with all her school friends. Lucy was only 4 years old and her parents were concerned that she is very shy. With years of experience as a school teacher Toby knows how to bring the best out of children. Toby used puppets, a silly dog in a box that makes the children laugh.

Soon Lucy was engaged and having the most wonderful time. Another classic trick that the small children enjoy is a wooden house with a mouse that keeps appearing and disappearing. There is also the little green frogs and of course the white rabbit is always very popular with small children.

Magic can enhance your children's wonder and curiosity. That is what Lucy's mum had to say in her email to me,

Thank you very much for your wonderful entertainment to the kids on Sunday. Lucy and her friend had a great time. The kids were fascinated with the puppets and there was so much giggling they forgot every thing else! Thank you and we will call you again next year." Mr G.D Forest Hill (SE23)

In Forest Hill, SE23 at 2013/05/23

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