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Childrens magician Clapham

Magic and games with a French accent! Apparently no school that day for all French speakers!? French childrens day I guess.

Josephine was celebrating her seventh birthday in a baking hot garden with her mostly French amis. After some delicious cool fizzy, we had a great time with my rather English magic with very basic French thrown in for extra laughs (sad face for not listening in school!) Joie de vivre!

The lawn was perfect too so we played games after the magic show with music there and tried to stay in the shade. The Franglais improved certainment and everyone was happy to win a tasty little prize and Clapham may win the prize in London for a magician like me. I mean those fantastic cakes!

Again big thanks to Mum and added grandparents for super hors douveres. That's close to French. Vive le Tricky Toby avec lapin magique (magic rabbit for all you non-polyglots!).

In Clapham, SW4 at 2013/06/19

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