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Welcome to Tricky Toby's blog. Here you will find the amazing life of a children's entertainer working all around London.

  1. Children's entertainer in Croydon

    I love this time of the year. The beautiful autumn leaves and warm September evenings that are still long. Now the children are returning to school and my very busy time begins. August was also busy with different family events -weddings, one year old parties, garden parties etc..

    This weekend I had the pleasure to entertain at a private garden for two hours. The children aged 2 to 10 enjoyed the wonderful weather, magic and games.

    I have been working as a children's magician in London for over 12 years now. There are so many things I love about entertaining. Making children smile and making them feel special in their birthdays and celebrations never stops thrilling me. Many of my customers come back to me again and again. Speciallly nurseries and schools. That keeps me on my toes always learning and growing.

    Thank you to all my customers. An adult (parent of one of the children) said to me this weekend: 

    "You are actually the first children's magician I have really enjoyed watching and over the years I have seem many."  

    It is the relationships with the parents and families that makes my work really special. I love to see my customers happy and satisfied with my services. Thank you and please call me when you are looking for a children's entertainer either in Croydon or elsewhere within the Greater London area.

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  2. Summer and Autumn Magic in Sutton, Bromley and Wandsworth

    A long hot summer and autumn has seen me perform in extreme conditions all over London. From Bromley to Kingston, Sutton and Chelsea! My favourite time of the year is when I can do my magic show outside in gardens, parks, and school fairs. Where even uninvited guests can't be dragged away by their parents because Tricky Toby is creating some super fun magic right before their eyes and they just happened to be walking by!

    Over the longest summer I can remember, one party is stuck in my head. It was the day England had scored five goals before halftime in the World Cup. Must have been around 30 degrees in Wandsworth at the Skylark Cafe on the common. A lovely location but although i was on time and mum was getting things ready, I had forgotten that this was a party for four girls who were celebrating their fourth birthdays together!

    The room was cooking hot as the sun was shouting through the big windows nearly as loudly as this crazy bunch of children! Luckily I had my microphone and could let the grownups chat at the back. Also my magic was perfect for the four girls as it is interactive and they could help me all together. The (rather large) audience were so well behaved in their cool fancy party dresses but I was definitely soaking with perspiration at the end of all the great magic! Tricky Toby, you have been wonderful again said all the parents!

    I am grateful to all you parents who continue to ask me to perform at your children's birthday. Have a lovely autumn season and hope to meet you all again soon. Remember to plan ahead if you want to book Tricky Toby. If you need a childrens magician in London somewhere, drop me an email or call on 07960074477. But don't hesitiate to contact me even if it's a last minute thing! I might still be available and I am always full of good advice too when it comes to party planning. Thank you!


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  3. Part 3. Childrens Magician in London. Life in Party Land!

    Fazz had asked me to entertain at his daughter's 5th birthday party in Cookie Island, Galleons Reach. Unusually I knew I had to start 7pm but it was not clear how long I was needed in the event. Thanks to googlemaps on my phone I made it through heavy traffic. Absolutely freezing cold Saturday evening in Beckton on the edge of Town. Getting out of the car quickly I strained my back! Nooooooo......!!

    Cookie Island is a bright children's play area and cafe, nicely staffed by friendly helpers. I have been to lots of similar places and sometimes staff are not very caring. Jemima had lots of friends and parents had organised a face painter and a Micky Mouse too. I started with some balloon animals. I had my Bose sound system with me for music and microphone. Then we had a magic show which went quite well considering they didn't really want to stop running on the climbing area! I asked one parent to help me with a magic trick too and all ran smoothly. A brave man! I organised some games and mickey mouse played too. Quite a mixed age range from 3-12 years old. But all went well and parents were happy too. I finished at 10pm! The children were running around outside as a truck drove around the empty car park salting for the overnight frost. Home was still over an hour away. A day in the life of a Magician in London. Where can I get a coffee!?

    So after twelve hours on the road, I head home. A most unusual experience. Need magic? They call me the Tricky one. Tricky Toby- m.07960074477. You know it makes snese.

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  4. Part 2. Magician in London. Busy Saturday continues...

    I carefully put all my magic equipment in the car and head off towards the Holloway Road in Islington for my next magic show. 

    Dad Terry called me only mid-week to ask me if I could bring my magic show to a three year celebration party for his son Henry. I have to begin at 4pm. I know the area a little and quite difficult parking around there. So I get there early and find a spot. Phew! Terry and his partner run The Travel Cafe opposite the University. Packed out with parents, many Korean speaking and lots of little children, the cafe was closed to the public and Terry was relieved to see me! Henry was very smart and really understood my magic. A little white rabbit appeared and he was hugged kindly by young and old. Thanks to the offer of some super korean chicken and noodles I had an express lunch/dinner and headed off into the night for my final show in Beckton, East London. Thanks for making me feel so welcome Terry. You are one lucky man with a lovely family around you! Whether you are a parent or a magician, smiling under stress is a valuable skill! Part three is just a scroll away.

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  5. Part 1. Childrens Magician London Life in Magic

    What follows is how a busy Saturday in November unfolds! 

    I knew I had three parties expecting me for a magic show on the same day. A key element in my work is organisation. Parents and children are waiting, looking forward to something a little special. Be on time. Really put on a great show. Miss lunch. At least, hopefully a coffee along the way.

    Part 1. Miles was celebrating his first birthday in Leyton Technical Pub. A nice big old Victorian pad. Lots of friendly relatives and around twelve charming children 3-6 years old. In this situation, I also have to entertain the adults too. Most have rarely seen a live magician! There is something in my showbiz genes fortunately where I grab a whole rooms attention and add a little sparkle. You might think I'm bragging! But I have been doing this work for over ten years now. I have gotten pretty good at this!! We have fun with magic and then balloon animals as little gifts for the children. Miles' parents Chris and Fleur are happy and promise to review me on Googlemaps  (please do guys!) Thus ends part one. The time is now 2.15pm. Part two follows. (E.M. Forster, I know this town and it's people better than you!).

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