Summer and Autumn Magic in Sutton, Bromley and Wandsworth

A long hot summer and autumn has seen me perform in extreme conditions all over London. From Bromley to Kingston, Sutton and Chelsea! My favourite time of the year is when I can do my magic show outside in gardens, parks, and school fairs. Where even uninvited guests can't be dragged away by their parents because Tricky Toby is creating some super fun magic right before their eyes and they just happened to be walking by!

Over the longest summer I can remember, one party is stuck in my head. It was the day England had scored five goals before halftime in the World Cup. Must have been around 30 degrees in Wandsworth at the Skylark Cafe on the common. A lovely location but although i was on time and mum was getting things ready, I had forgotten that this was a party for four girls who were celebrating their fourth birthdays together!

The room was cooking hot as the sun was shouting through the big windows nearly as loudly as this crazy bunch of children! Luckily I had my microphone and could let the grownups chat at the back. Also my magic was perfect for the four girls as it is interactive and they could help me all together. The (rather large) audience were so well behaved in their cool fancy party dresses but I was definitely soaking with perspiration at the end of all the great magic! Tricky Toby, you have been wonderful again said all the parents!

I am grateful to all you parents who continue to ask me to perform at your children's birthday. Have a lovely autumn season and hope to meet you all again soon. Remember to plan ahead if you want to book Tricky Toby. If you need a childrens magician in London somewhere, drop me an email or call on 07960074477. But don't hesitiate to contact me even if it's a last minute thing! I might still be available and I am always full of good advice too when it comes to party planning. Thank you!


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