Part 1. Childrens Magician London Life in Magic

What follows is how a busy Saturday in November unfolds! 

I knew I had three parties expecting me for a magic show on the same day. A key element in my work is organisation. Parents and children are waiting, looking forward to something a little special. Be on time. Really put on a great show. Miss lunch. At least, hopefully a coffee along the way.

Part 1. Miles was celebrating his first birthday in Leyton Technical Pub. A nice big old Victorian pad. Lots of friendly relatives and around twelve charming children 3-6 years old. In this situation, I also have to entertain the adults too. Most have rarely seen a live magician! There is something in my showbiz genes fortunately where I grab a whole rooms attention and add a little sparkle. You might think I'm bragging! But I have been doing this work for over ten years now. I have gotten pretty good at this!! We have fun with magic and then balloon animals as little gifts for the children. Miles' parents Chris and Fleur are happy and promise to review me on Googlemaps  (please do guys!) Thus ends part one. The time is now 2.15pm. Part two follows. (E.M. Forster, I know this town and it's people better than you!).

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