How to Organise a Children's Party

Organizing a children's party can be quite a challenge if you've never done it before. Some parents are going to great lengths and the pressure is such that some parents would spend way too much money on a party for their child. Taking ten kids for a day out in an extremely busy theme park lasting 8 hours and giving ipods in their party bags (true story by the way!) may not be the most enjoyable way to celebrate your child's birthday!You can take the stress out of a celebration by hiring a children's entertainer and renting a small hall near your home or by having the party in your home (if you have some space!). If you live in London you have a great choice of entertainers, magicians and clowns. How do you know who is the right entertainer for you and your child? Some clowns and entertainers may be more professional than others. There are some tired old entertainers out there!! I have been performing all over London so I have a great show and kids love magic because it can be suprising and funny in a friendly environment. Many customers find me through recommendations (especially their children who may have seen me at their friends birthday). I would recommend you look at reviews of any magician to ensure you will not be disappointed. 

Parents often ask me to organise games and music too and I am happy to do that. I have some great games and keep all the children involved and moving. This way parents can relax, enjoy a glass of wine with their friends, light the candles on the cake and quite soon, the whole event passes off with great success and lots of happy little faces. You are welcome to call me on 07960074477 to discuss your plans. Kind regards, Tricky Toby (but you can just call me Toby if you like!).

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