New Year Magic Party Audience in Dulwich London

Best wishes for the New Year! What a hectic month December was. I have been performing all over London, in schools, nurseries, even at the Royal Mail Xmas event. Thank you for letting me entertain you! It is always a special time of year and everybody seems just that little bit more cheerful. Now January and some darn cold weather is upon us. But we can still have fun, right?

i was invited to Harry's party in Dulwich last weekend. A lovely sports hall and rather quiet when I first arrived. So I got set up, met Harry and his little brother Fraiser and saw a few guests arrive. I turned my back for five minutes and suddenly there were at least forty little ones ready to be entertained! What a trick- you all arrived at once! Large crowds are a challenge if you factor in another forty parents too. But it all went swimmingly and Harry said he had a wonderful time. I also organised the games too. So after a little food and a fantastic birthday cake (sensible parents avoiding those volcano candles which I think are so dangerous btw), we all hit the 'dancefloor' and played some great games and I gave out a load of little prizes. Prizes for every child! Yes I plan to make it an absolutely 'no tears' event every time. I'm a dad too. I hate to see anyone crying at a party!

Mum came up to me after. "Thank you so much. All the parents thought you were great!". Er.....what about the children?! (Actually I know they loved it)

So don't let some plastic clown entertain your children. Try the real live Tricky Toby with real live rabbit. The real deal for magic and fun!

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