Childrens magician soaks guests in Purley Croydon

As the sun came out on a beautiful May morning I was invited to perform at the twins birthday party in a quiet street tucked away in leafy Croydon's outback.

Twins Daniel and Amber were entertaining their friends in the garden and it actually turned out I had met their Grandma when I was a teacher a few years ago. Well, everyone was sitting ready before I had even put my stuff down! Let's go! Come on!!

So moving quickly along, it was a perfect opportunity for magical fun and laughter and of course just when Dad thought he could sit and watch we had him up to help too! Dad is actually a rather excellent musician but no we don't want to you to play your guitar right now! Hilarious faces and complete amazement all round. Thanks Dad and mum sensibly avoided in case she got wet too. But not too wet!

We took some lovely group photos with Mr Rabbit included. So now they want one for their unbirthdays tomorrow!

Thinking back through the years I have done magic for children, it is so amazing that our little ones are so unique and love the mystery of magic. Super party, super family! Thanks for inviting me. Have a great year from Tricky Toby

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