Magician in Fulham back by popular demand

A peaceful street in Fulham, a stones throw from Parsons Green tube. Relaxing in the warm Sunday afternoon spring sunlight. Little did he know that behind a sensible grey front door were about twenty bonkers children waiting to pounce!

Magic rabbit hidden safely away, our intrepid entertainer presses the doorbell. Too late! The children all know that Tricky Toby has arrived. Mum & Dad look so relieved to see me. And then it hits me!! I met most of the guests in Putney just over a month ago. Do I have a completely new show up my sleeves? Mais non!

OK breathe deeply and magically- think!! It's times like these that the super-experienced entertainer reinvents himself. (Well I have been a magician for over eight years-you learn a thing or two!).

Giovanni and his friends are so happy to see me at his fifth birthday party and all the parents arrange their drinks to get a good view too. Yes, I have to amaze the adults too!


Fortunately G isn't even a bit shy and when news of a 'snake' being part of the show today reaches all the children's ears then I have them transfixed (all part of the service- the transfixing thing!) Well, Giovanni did the magic laundry, his little friend Nicole (3 and going on 12!) was a wonderful artist and Sam helped me tame the wild snake hiding in a big wicker basket. By the way, Simon the snake has a reputation for spraying the audience with his water pistol so hide your plasma screen and the cat!

Absolutely fabulously silly and funny too. And of course G proved to be an excellent magician himself. A REAL RABBIT! Had he seen that before? Absolutely but it's all different when it is YOUR BIRTHDAY! A group photo with rabbit included and time for balloons. By popular demand balloon swords were unleashed in the garden and a party bash got any excess energy out! As a parent myself I realise how important it is that children sleep well at night!!! What a service Tricky Toby provides! THANK YOU TRICKY TOBY lol

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