Children's entertainer in Children's Hospital Great Ormond Street London

For their annual Christmas Party, young patients with dietary restrictions were invited to come along and have a great time. The staff really put a lot of effort into making a lovely event. This year Tricky Toby was magical entertainer and games organiser!

ogether with their parents, the children all arrived on time. We had a lovely time together with Simon the magic snake, the mystery of the Painter's Prediction and a whole load of interactive fun. Mr. Rabbit of course magically appeared and was a big hit with the children. I was also entertaining the parents who perhaps have had a year of worrying over their little ones.

Special food was all laid on and we played some top games and gold (coloured!) medals were awarded to the winners. Everybody won at least one prize and the children were very kind to each other I noticed.

I prepared them all to meet Father Christmas who gave each child a super gift. The organisers were very happy with my show and I also felt it went very well. I wanted to stay longer but was due to perform at a charity event for the Typhoon appeal in South London (plus I cut my hand on a door in the car park!) so had to zoom off. Thanks to Nicky and all the helpers who were on hand. God bless all the families this time of year and have a healthy New Year. Take care, Tricky Toby.

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